Syncsort Adds Management Support to zIIP

Syncsort, a mainframe software provider, announced new software innovations designed to further take advantage of IBM z Systems zIIP processors to improve performance, reduce MIPS usage and lower costs.

The vendor has beefed up its ZPSaver Suite, adding the ability to offload resource intensive Sort processing workloads to zIIP. ZPSaver, which debuted in the fall of 2014, consists of specialized utilities that enable IT administrators to offload Copy and SMS Compression work to zIIP processors.

“With the success of the z13, the mainframe continues to be the backbone of big data transaction processing, capable of handling billions of transactions for business-critical applications and supporting the latest data delivery technologies,” said Harvey Tessler, founder and general manager of mainframe at Syncsort. “However, organizations continue to face pressure to deliver on SLA expectations and meet cost containment goals. The new release of the ZPSaver Suite demonstrates our commitment to continually look for ways to help our customers fully leverage the tremendous strengths of the IBMz and z13, especially zIIP processors and advanced levels of cache design.”

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