Syncsort Adds Metadata Management Capabilities to its Platform

Syncsort is incorporating new open metadata management capabilities in its DMX-h data integration software that, along with its seamless integration with Cloudera Navigator, aim to make big data governance easier.

“We want to make sure no matter what Hadoop-based metadata management tool users are using, they can get the information that they need about where their data came from so that the linage and tracking is taken care of,” said Paige Roberts, Product Manager at Syncsort.

DMX-h provides organizations with a single interface for accessing and integrating all enterprise data, including IBM z mainframes, and the flexibility to use the metadata repository that best meets their needs, on premise and in the cloud.

Because Syncsort DMX-h runs natively in Hadoop, it can integrate with Cloudera Navigator, allowing users to search for DMX-h jobs across a unified metadata repository and view data lineage within the Navigator user interface out-of-the-box.

New capabilities allow Syncsort to extend metadata management by publishing DMX-h metadata, including data flow definitions and lineage tracking information, in an open format that can be consumed by and integrated with any metadata repository.

Organizations can leverage Syncsort’s differentiated approach to integrate their big data lineage information with the metadata management tool of their choice and transition from existing in-house tools to the Hadoop based metadata management tools such as Cloudera Navigator at their own pace, according to the company.

DMX-h can be deployed via Cloudera Manager and supports Hadoop-based security protocols, such as Kerberos, for data security and privacy and Apache Sentry for fine grained data access control.

“Our goal overall has been to simplify it, try to make it more accessible, try to expand the number of users who can use it and accomplish things on it,” Roberts said.

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