Syncsort Announces Data Integration Acceleration Solution for Existing DI Environments

Aimed at eliminating the performance bottlenecks that cause data latency and enables faster access to information critical to decision making, Syncsort, a provider of high-performance data processing, data integration, and data protection and recovery software, has announced its Data Integration Acceleration Solution for existing DI environments. With the solution, Syncsort seeks to reduce the cost and effort of delivering information to decision makers, enabling customers to more efficiently pursue strategic initiatives around revenue growth, customer acquisition and retention, cost reduction, and operational efficiency.

Syncsort's Data Integration Acceleration Solution is intended to address customers' challenges around large and growing data sets combined with shortened operational time frames that often create unacceptable bottlenecks and latencies in processing as well as accessing data, Ganesh Iyer, senior manager, global product marketing at Syncsort, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "There are performance issues that occur even in the most carefully planned and well executed data integration environments."

According to Syncsort, DI Acceleration Solution's combination of speed, hardware utilization, and ease of use can help customers meet shrinking batch windows, enables up to 90% reduction of hardware cost, and increases productivity over hand-coding by 75%, resulting in higher ROI for existing DI environments. "When we say ‘data integration acceleration' we are not talking about replacing any data integration solution that is out there but really augmenting and complementing a solution so that any performance issues that are in the existing data integration environment are removed," Iyer explains.

The DI Acceleration Solution pairs Syncsort's high-performance data integration software, DMExpress, with professional services and training specifically tailored to implement techniques and patterns that are optimized to address performance bottlenecks. The DI Acceleration Solution exploits the advanced technologies of DMExpress, which include a large library of patented, transformation algorithms, from which DMExpress selects the unique algorithms that most efficiently address a specific performance bottleneck during processing; and the solution's ability to efficiently leverage the memory, processing power and I/O available at execution time, thus minimizing the resource footprint and optimizing the use of existing hardware and architecture. The solution's algorithm selection and architecture exploitation occurs dynamically based on the requirements of the process. This dynamic optimization removes the need for the expensive, time consuming and manual tuning and configuration required under traditional architectures allowing the solution to be developed and deployed in days not months.

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