Syncsort Announces Integration with Apache Kafka and Spark

Syncsort is continuing to grow its platforms capabilities by announcing new integration with two active open source platforms, Apache Kafka and Apache Spark, enabling users to better handle real-time, large-scale data processing, analytics, and feeds.

The new partnership was announced at Strata + Hadoop World in NYC and was hailed as a major move by Syncsort to further future-proof enterprises for the next wave of data trends.

“We’ve really stayed ahead of the curve and we are delivering integration because we are keeping our ear to the track while working with all our partners to stay on top of what’s going on,” said Michael Kornspan, director of communications at Syncsort. “Because of that we are delivering solutions versus announcing we are going to support things.”

Syncsort DMX-h, Syncsort’s data integration software, now blends with the Apache Kafka distributed messaging system so users can leverage DMX-h’s easy-to-use GUI to subscribe, transform, enrich and distribute enterprise-wide data for real-time Kafka messaging.

“This is for streaming data and we are treating Kafka just as another data source so you can use a single software environment whether workloads are batched or streaming real time,” said Tendü Yogurtçu, general manger of big data at Syncsort.

After recently contributing a z Systems mainframe connector to Spark, Syncsort is now integrating the “Intelligent Execution” capabilities of its DMX data integration product suite with the open source platform.

Intelligent Execution allows users to visually design data transformations once and then run them anywhere – across Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Linux, Windows, or Unix, on premise or in the cloud.

“The value proposition we have is you do not have to worry about the skill sets for all of the different components in the technology stack whether you are going to run this data job flow in a standalone environment or in MapReduce, our intelligent execution takes care of the dynamic optimization and does the work for you,” Yogurtçu said. “You can leverage exisiting skill sets while achieving high performance, efficiency, and business agility.”

Syncsort is very focused on business use cases, customer adoption and the challenges that users and enterprises are encountering within an ever evolving ecosystem, Yogurtçu explained.

“You have to stay ahead of the curve with innovation if you want to help folks be insulated from the conatant change to really deliver value to the customers,” Kornspan said.

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