Syncsort Announces Ironcluster, a Data Integration-as-a-Service for Amazon EMR

Syncsort, a provider of high-performance big data integration software, announced the general availability of Syncsort Ironcluster: Hadoop ETL for AMR, formerly known as DMX-h. Ironcluster is a data integration engine for Amazon Elastic MapReduce and provides elastic Hadoop ETL as a service running on Amazon EMR that incorporates scalability, speed and ease of use.

According to the company, Ironcluster will give customers the ability to quickly and cost-effectively process large amounts of data in the cloud. Customers want to have the benefits of the elasticity and the price points of AWS and also "be able to spin that down at a much lower cost than doing it on premises,” observed Keith Kohl, director of product management, Syncsort.

Ironcluster aims to allow users to offload their data processing workloads from legacy data warehouses and mainframe systems into Amazon EMR. “Amazon, and our offering in Amazon, allows organizations to quickly develop, test, and ultimately put into production those kinds of workloads so we have taken our ETL product and made it available in Amazon and the marketplace,” Kohl said.

Ironcluster is available for a free trial on the Amazon Web Services marketplace. To learn more about Syncsort, visit