Syncsort Certifies Mainframe Mainframe Management Software with EMC Disk Library

 Syncsort, a provider of data integration solutions, has self-certified Syncsort MFX high-performance mainframe sorting software with the EMC Disk Library for mainframe, a virtual tape library solution for mainframe environments. The combination of solutions is aimed at helping customers reduce mainframe CPU and elapsed time, resulting in improved system throughput and lower consumption of resources. The self-certification was completed through the EMC ISV Backup Recovery Systems Partner Program.

There is great pressure on mainframe IT departments to reduce the amount of MIPS they are using and a result, mainframe customers continue to invest to try to reduce costs with new technologies, Harvey Tessler, co-founder and head of Mainframe Engineering, Syncsort, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Syncsort MFX includes PARASORT and MAXSORT technology to help optimize overall system efficiency. PARASORT uses parallel techniques to reduce the elapsed time of sorts with large multi-volume and/or concatenated tape data set input. This allows Syncsort MFX to read data from as many as four tape drives simultaneously. MAXSORT makes it possible to sort large data sets with minimal Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) space. This capability segments the input data, sorts the segments, stores them on tape, and merges them all in a single job step.

With the high number of drives available in EMC Disk Library for mainframe, users are able to allocate more drives to be used in the sorting process which produces both increased performance and savings. Syncsort MFX optimizes the efficiency of the sorting process to further enhance sort performance.

The combination “really drives home a lot of performance,” says Tessler. With the ease of use of EMC Disk Library for mainframe combined with the Syncsort MFX’s ability to parallelize and allocate multiple tape drives, Tessler notes, elapsed time can be cut by more than half, and CPU time can be reduced by 14% according to Syncsort’s tests.

“As mainframe environments continue to grow and support mission-critical business processes, the need to protect mainframe-based data with new cost effective solutions that can scale to meet evolving requirements is crucial,” says Al Brandt, vice president of DLm Engineering for EMC Corporation. “Now, Disk Library for mainframe users can confidently deploy Syncsort MFX high-performance mainframe sorting software with EMC Disk Library for mainframe products to derive additional levels of mainframe CPU efficiency and better protect their mainframe environment.”

For additional information visit Syncsort MFX for z/OS: EMC Disk Library Performance Test and Mainframe Sort Acceleration.