Syncsort Delivers Mainframe Data to Snowflake to Support Cloud Analytics

Syncsort has announced data integration with Snowflake, a provider of a data warehouse built for the cloud. The new integration will enable mutual customers to access, transform, and deliver customer and financial data from the mainframe to Snowflake for advanced analytics.

As the system of record for many large organizations, mainframe data provides key insights that support top business use cases such as new market promotions, fraud detection and evaluating credit risk. However, the vendors note, while cloud database platforms can handle a wide variety of data sources, mainframe data remains largely inaccessible without specialized transformation.

This is because moving mainframe Db2 and VSAM data and transforming it so it is ready for storage and analytics in the cloud can be time-consuming and complex due to incompatible record formats. Addressing this challenge, Syncsort specializes in helping to make important customer, transaction, payment, bank and mortgage balance and stock holding information easy to collect, load, and transform in Snowflake.

“Many of our customers want to leverage the power and economics of Snowflake to support key business initiatives but are unable to include their business-critical mainframe data,” said Bryan Ashley, SVP, Global Business Development and APAC Operations, Syncsort. “Syncsort leads the industry in collecting, delivering and transforming complex mainframe data to make it usable in modern cloud data platforms, as well as Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, Elastic and Splunk. We are excited to partner with Snowflake to bring this vital business information to their cloud-built data warehouse, which combines the instant and near-infinite elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.”

“Our customers leverage our cloud-built data warehouse because it’s designed to keep up with the exploding demand for data-driven insight,” said Walter Aldana, VP, Global Alliances, Snowflake. “They are looking for a different approach than the complex, costly and inflexible systems that have become obstacles rather than solutions to accessing and analyzing their data. We are pleased to work with Syncsort to ensure the mainframe data that is critical to many organizations, particularly financial and banking institutions, can be easily made available in Snowflake to support these insights.”

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