Syncsort, Dell, and Cloudera Join Forces to Improve Big Data Analytics

Syncsort is partnering with Dell and Cloudera to release a joint solution that will help enterprises reduce costs and improve business analytics.

The partnership will create a Dell-Syncsort architecture that will combine Syncsort's Hadoop extract-transform-load tool, DMX-h, with Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub. This will enable customers to offload targeted ETL workloads and data from data warehouses to Cloudera’s platform, increasing performance and freeing up valuable cycles in the EDW.

“This is a turnkey offering for the purposes of offloading these legacy workloads and data into Hadoop,” said Lonne Jaffe, CEO of Syncsort. “Dell is going to be driving this offering into the market, working closely with us and Cloudera. They expect it to be a major opportunity for them to vacuum up workloads from an array of legacy systems.”

The new solution will reduce Hadoop deployment to weeks, develop Hadoop ETL jobs within hours, and become fully productive within days. It will reduce batch processing windows, gain faster time-to-insight, faster database user query performance and eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on additional EDW costs, according to Syncsort. Additionally, the solution will avoid code generation to make it easier to deploy and maintain with no performance impact or hurdles down the road, thanks to tight integration with Hadoop.

The partnership between Dell and Syncsort came out of a need to have a layer running on top of Hadoop to move existing data and workloads to Hadoop as a platform. “We are the most widely used software for that purpose,” Jaffe said.  

Any companies that want to save money and do interesting analytics with data will benefit from this joint solution, according to Jaffe, adding that the customers that are expected to benefit most in the near term are those with existing large data warehouse deployments. “Because you’re saving so much money you can use a tenth of the money you save to hire a few data scientists and perhaps you could build a churn analytics system against your data,” he said.

Once the solution is deployed to as many customers as possible, Jaffe explained, it will become an anchor to deliver other high value solutions in the future.  “Dell is uniquely positioned to drive this solution to market because they can invest with conviction,” Jaffe said. “We are really excited about this launch.”

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