Syncsort Expands Operational Analytics with Ironstream for ServiceNow

Syncsort has announced Ironstream for ServiceNow, extending Syncsort Ironstream to support advanced analytics in ServiceNow Discovery for an expanded view of enterprise infrastructure—on-premise and in the cloud.

Ironstream forwards critical security and operational machine data from the mainframe and IBM i to next-generation platforms, where it is correlated with data from the rest of enterprise for advanced analytics. Leveraging advanced architecture and technology from the acquisition of EView Technology, the new Ironstream for ServiceNow solution delivers IBM mainframe and IBM i data to ServiceNow Discovery.

Integration of mainframe and IBM i data into ServiceNow Discovery expands IT’s view of the enterprise, helping teams to deliver consistent, reliable and efficient service to business customers.  This enables visibility into the state and activity of on-premise and cloud resources and their relationships to one another which is critical in many large organizations for effective enterprise-wide asset management, change management and service management.

“Many of our mainframe and IBM i customers are taking advantage of ServiceNow to get up-to-date, accurate configuration information for optimizing resources, improving service quality and supporting governance initiatives,” said David Hodgson, CPO, Syncsort. “Syncsort has leveraged our unrivaled experience and technology for collecting and delivering mainframe and IBM i data to leading IT Management platforms for advanced analytics with the seamless integration between Ironstream and ServiceNow Discovery.”

More information is available about Ironstream for ServiceNow