Syncsort Ironstream Brings Real-Time Mainframe Data to Splunk Users

Delivering on the technology alliance recently announced by Splunk and Syncsort to pull mainframe data into Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud, Syncsort has introduced Ironstream, which provides real-time, operational insights for Splunk customers based on mainframe data without disrupting the mainframe operating environment.

Splunk allows customers to use machine data in real-time to gain operational insights for IT operations, application management, application development, security analytics, business analytics, and the Internet of Things. 

Mainframes represent some of the most important log data available, since they host the most mission-critical applications. However, according to the companies, the terabytes of data in more than 200 different log types produced by a typical mainframe system were previously inaccessible to Splunk software without significant work.

However, even while using Splunk software to analyze the bulk of their enterprise data, customers often maintained separate systems to monitor their mainframe systems. Now, with Ironstream, the companies say, it easier to collect, transform and forward mainframe log data, such as Systems Management Facilities (SMF) records and mainframe application data into the Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms for correlation and analysis. .

“The mainframe executes a critical portion of the core business transactions for most of the Fortune 1000, which helps to explain why the pipeline growth for Ironstream is faster than for any product in Syncsort’s 46-year history” said Josh Rogers, president, Syncsort. “To be useful to Splunk customers, mainframe data must be delivered incredibly quickly, securely, and without disrupting or adding costs to the mainframe environment. The advanced technology in our new Ironstream product elegantly addresses all of these challenges.”   

Ironstream is also listed in Splunk’s App Store here. For more information on Ironstream, go here.