Syncsort Launches New Platform that Enriches Data Stored in Data Lakes

Syncsort is releasing a new platform that will deliver an agile, efficient, and powerful solution that will improve data stored and processed in data lakes.

Trillium Quality for Big Data integrates Trillium data quality capabilities with the Intelligent Execution (IX) technology from its DMX-h Big Data integration solution.

The new product enables enterprises to create a single, accurate, and enriched 360-degree view of critical enterprise-wide data in Hadoop clusters running either MapReduce or Spark.

Users can consistently enhance the quality of that information in the data lake in both big data compute frameworks, on premise or in the cloud, elevating trust in data to a gold standard, and maximizing its value in driving competitive advantage.

Key benefits of the platform include superior data matching, powerful data enrichment, flexibility in data lake deployment, ease of use, and support for leading Hadoop providers.

 “To maximize the value of data lakes, organizations need the ability to ensure the data they have brought in from across the enterprise has the highest possible level of integrity, accuracy and completeness,” said Keith Kohl, Vice President, Product Management at Syncsort. “Trillium Quality for Big Data enables enterprises to apply the most robust data quality capabilities, including cleansing, standardization, matching, validation, and enrichment with MapReduce, Spark or both. The result is the most dependable data for critical business initiatives like MDM, and business analytics with leading next-generation analytics tools.”

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