Syncsort Partners with Tableau Software to Improve Big Data Integration and Analysis

Syncsort has announced a technology partnership with Tableau Software. The combination of solutions is intended to provide mutual customers with a better way to make data from across the enterprise – including mainframe and legacy systems – available in Hadoop so it can then be visualized and shared on-the-fly with drag and drop business analytics.

“I consider Tableau to be the undisputed leader in interactive data visualization,” said Jorge Lopez, director of product marketing at Syncsort, in an interview. “They have set a very high benchmark for all the other business intelligence vendors. This partnership will allow both companies to work together to provide better solutions for customers that are looking for more agile and more scalable ways to analyze big data.”

Syncsort’s Data Integration solutions deliver an agile ETL platform for collecting, processing and integrating data into Hadoop so data is available for analysis. Tableau enables analysis, visualization and sharing of information via a drag and drop interface. Combined, Syncsort and Tableau expect to provide a fast and cost-effective solution for collecting, processing and visualizing data - optimizing value and leveraging key mainframe and legacy data to uncover new business insights on request. 

The combination of technologies addresses a critical market need, according to Lopez. “What I have seen in over 15 years of experience is that users are really tired of waiting.” Often, they have to wait for ETL,data models,the data warehouse, and for reports to be created once all the data is available. And, by the time they get the reports, the information is either no longer relevant or the requirements have completely changed and the process starts all over again. “Tableau offers the possibility to change all of this,” said Lopez. “One of the reasons people love Tableau is that they don’t have to wait. They can immediately access large data sets and uncover a lot of insights with almost no training and they have a lot of fun doing these visualizations. By combining Tableau with Syncsort, now we can bypass most of the hurdles by providing a faster, more reliable way to move all the data from any source - and that includes mainframes and legacy sources - bring all that data  into Hadoop, and customers can quickly analyze it using Tableau.” In addition, this can be accomplished with a minimum of interaction from the IT dept and minimal overhead, Lopez contends.

Lopez said both Syncsort and Tableau are training their individual field teams in both technologies and in the future there is the opportunity for the companies’ technology departments to work together to integrate the solutions.

For a test drive of DMX-h, Syncort’s ETL solution for Hadoop, click here.

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