Syncsort Ships Data Integration Solution

Syncsort, a provider of data integration and recovery software, announced availability of its Clickstream Data Integration Solution. The solution is intended to reduce the time, cost and effort required for integrating large amounts of web data, and help simplify an organization's ability to analyze online visitor behavior via a clickstream data warehouse.

"We have exploding customer data volumes in a world where economies are unstable and budgets stretched beyond their limits," Richard Pilkington, director of product marketing at Syncsort, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We have created a set of solutions, powered by Syncsort's DMExpress, that help companies rethink the economics of their data."

The new solution combines Syncsort's data integration software, DMExpress, with professional services and training specifically tailored to implement techniques and patterns for processing clickstream data files. The solution exploits various DMExpress features, including those designed to speed and simplify clickstream data integration.

Clickstream data warehouses have been difficult to create for many companies because of the volume and complexity of the data involved-both the raw source data files that need to be cleansed and integrated, as well as the resulting warehoused data to be analyzed. The raw clickstream source data, which often exists as huge, complex text files, must be parsed, structured, cleansed and loaded on a regular-sometimes daily-basis into the data warehouse. This integration process often introduces additional cost, complexity, and delays. In addition, companies frequently turn to creating their own custom-coded solutions, which are prone to risks and errors, and difficult to maintain or extend.

Syncsort's clickstream solution is designed to help eliminate website data clickstream bottlenecks with a combination of speed, hardware utilization, and support for various clickstream data sources. "Our solution enables companies to create scalable data delivery between their websites and their customer data warehouses," says Pilkington.

This combination enables customers to meet shrinking batch windows, reduce hardware costs by up to 90% and increase productivity over hand-coding by 75%, the vendor says. The result is a higher ROI for clickstream data warehousing initiatives.

With the Clickstream DI Solution, DMExpress provides features that include sophisticated and flexible text/string processing, built in "URL decode" functions, and pattern-matching capabilities. DMExpress also provides the ability to process raw web server log files, as well as web analytics vendors' data formats/files including page-tagging files and packet-sniffing logs.

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