Syncsort Unveils Performance Mainframe Application Modernization Solution

Syncsort, a provider of data management software, announced a new set of solutions intended to help organizations accelerate mainframe application modernization initiatives while consuming fewer resources and reducing costs. At the core of the solution set is DMExpress, designed to deliver what Syncsort calls "extreme performance translation" of large amounts of mainframe data to open systems platforms, as well as transformation capabilities on the open systems platforms.

Mainframe application modernization projects have been historically plagued by high failure rates due to the complexity of translating and transforming mainframe data, Keith Kohl, director of data integration product management at Syncsort, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Customers are using DMExpress to accelerate their mainframe application modernization initiatives. This enables them to complete projects faster and with tremendous ease of use, while also requiring fewer resources and hardware purchases."

DMExpress offers advanced data conversion functionality and increased data transformations speed to help simplify mainframe application modernization initiatives. "DMExpress performs data migration extremely fast - particularly from EBCDIC to ASCII - and transforms it into a form the new application is expecting," says Kohl. We are seeing performance improvements by a factor of 2x to over 6x in elapsed time. DMExpress also accelerates application performance when migrating from mainframe to Micro Focus for sort and other key operations."

In addition to DMExpress, Syncsort's mainframe application modernization solution set includes optional professional services and training.

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