Syncsort and ASG Technologies Partner to Integrate Data Quality into Data Governance Initiatives

Syncsort and ASG Technologies are partnering to combine their solutions and expertise in data quality and data governance.

The partnership combines Syncsort’s Trillium data discovery and quality software with ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence solution to support both data governance and regulatory compliance.

The combined solution embeds Trillium Quality into the ASG lineage view, which tracks where data comes from and how it moves through systems, for a more complete picture of an organization’s critical data elements. These capabilities are provided by managing and defining business level policies, aligning business terms and quality results with key data, and gaining insights into where data quality gaps exist along the trail from originating sources to end destinations, such as BI reports.

The integrated solution uses reports, dashboards and lineage graphics to trace data, evaluate data quality, and investigate remediation options.

According to the vendors, one compliance use case for financial institutions is the Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR), an annual exercise meant to ensure that institutions have well-defined and forward-looking capital planning processes that account for their unique risks and maintain sufficient capital to continue operations through times of economic and financial stress. The integration of quality metrics from Syncsort’s Trillium software and the ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence data discovery and lineage capability will provide the transparency and authority required to demonstrate CCAR compliance, the companies say.

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