Syncsort and Attunity Partner for Real-Time Data Integration

Syncsort, a provider of data integration software, and Attunity, Ltd., a provider of real-time data integration and event capture, have formed a strategic partnership targeted at helping customers solve complex real-time data integration challenges.

Through the partnership, Syncsort's DMExpress data integration software leverages the log-based, real-time change data capture (CDC) capabilities of Attunity Stream to capture only the changes made to underlying source systems, eliminating the need to perform costly data refreshes or data snapshot comparisons.

The joint solution is available for a variety of data sources including mainframe sources, Microsoft and Oracle.

"The relationship is all about providing cost efficiencies and real-time capabilities for companies that are looking to do data integration for mainframe sources, as well as others," Itamar Ankorion, director of marketing and business development at Attunity, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The joint solution includes a combination of Syncsort's high performance ETL capabilities that allows organizations to process high volumes of data very efficiently, as well as the Attunity low-impact, log-based change data capture technology that supports mainframe sources including VSAM, IMS DB, Adabas and DB2, explains Ankorion. "First of all there is the combined technology, but then there is the combined expertise." According to Ankorion, "Both Attunity and Syncsort have been operating in the mainframe space for a long time and we have technical resources that can work very well to help customers achieve their goals."

"The challenges of data volume continue to grow very, very quickly including on the mainframe," adds Ankorion. The more business that is done globally, the more transactions that take place, the more volume of data continues to increase on the mainframe, and the challenge is how do you create efficiencies when you integrate the data, or share the data with other applications while minimizing the overhead on the mainframe, which is very expensive. This is one of the things that our joint solution offers because it allows the mainframe customers to offload, and move data off the mainframe either for data warehousing or to enable operational reporting if they are replicating the data or if they are integrating into another systems and it allows them to do that in a very efficient way."

"The current economic environment demands that we provide cost-effective solutions with a lot of performance. There is a lot of demand for something like this especially in the current environment, added to the fact that mainframe processing is expensive," adds Ganesh Iyer, senior manager for global product marketing for Syncsort.

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