Syncsort and CA Partner to Enable Next-Generation Analytics on Mainframe Data

Syncsort and CA Technologies have formed a partnership to enable organizations to use Syncsort’s DMX-h Big Data Integration software to access data from CA Datacom and CA IDMS for advanced analytics, simplifying the access and integration of enterprise data sources.

CA Datacom and CA IDMS are high-performance mainframe database management systems used by hundreds of large, global enterprises and government agencies for their reliability and fast processing speeds in handling large amounts of business-critical data. Syncsort DMX-h helps unlock the value of the data by making it accessible for analytics with next-generation analytical tools.

“Organizations are moving forward with data lake initiatives and looking to centralize all enterprise data to take advantage of state-of-art analytics developed for Hadoop and Spark environments,” said David Hodgson, chief product officer, Syncsort.

The new integration between Syncsort DMX-h and CA Datacom and CA IDMS bridges the “big iron to big data gap,” enabling enterprises to tap into valuable mainframe data and make it accessible to emerging next-generation platforms.

“Many large, global organizations depend on CA Datacom and CA IDMS to store and manage their mission-critical applications and data,” said Vikas Sinha, senior vice president, Mainframe, CA Technologies. The challenge is maximizing the value of that data and remaining competitive with business insights by exposing it to state-of-art analytical tools, and Syncsort’s Big Data integration software provides a way to do that, he said.

In addition, with CA Technologies’ Portfolio Simplification program announced earlier this year, licensed CA Datacom and CA IDMS users have access to all the tools necessary to connect with Syncsort DMX-h at no extra charge.

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