Syncsort and Compuware Integrate Platforms to Comply with Mainframe Data Audits

Syncsort is integrating its Big Iron to Big Data powerhouse Ironstream with Compuware Corporation’s Application Audit software, improving an organization’s ability to detect threats against critical mainframe data, correlate them with related information, and events to satisfy compliance requirements.

“Many customers with mainframes, particularly large organizations, recognize that the cost of conducting an audit, or even worse, failing a compliance mandate, far exceeds the cost of the technologies that can be put into place to help address security and compliance initiatives,” said David Hodgson, chief product officer at Syncsort. “Working together with Compuware, we are helping to provide the critical data, in real-time, required to meet this challenge.”

Many enterprises still rely on disparate logs and SMF data from security products to piece together user behavior. The joint solution fully captures and analyzes start-to-finish mainframe application user behavior in real-time, enabling machine learning-driven next generation analytics.

“Real-time data collection and analysis is critical in helping IT identify trends and solve issues before they negatively impact the business,” said Chris O’Malley, CEO, Compuware. “With Syncsort Ironstream delivering Compuware Application Audit data to the Splunk platform, organizations can effectively tackle cross-platform cybersecurity and increasingly burdensome global compliance mandates.”

Prior to this new integration, Compuware announced the integration of its Compuware Abend-AID application fault discovery and analysis solution with Syncsort Ironstream, capturing and forwarding mainframe operational data to analytic tools such as the Splunk platform.

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