Syncsort and Trillium Integration Enables Trusted Data Lakes

Syncsort, a provider of data integration solutions for next-generation analytics, has announced new solutions that bring together its own big data integration and recently acquired Trillium data quality software to address data governance and customer 360 initiatives within data lakes. 

Syncsort closed on the acquisition of Trillium in December 2016, and these new solutions leverage Trillium’s data quality technology. Building on this expanded product portfolio, Syncsort has combined best-of-breed data integration and data profiling technology to address the most common use cases, said Tendü Yogurtçu, CTO, Syncsort, noting that with Trillium’s data quality product, customers are not tied to a single vendor data management platform and associated costs.

As organizations liberate data from traditional silos across the enterprise and centralize it in data lakes for high-powered analytics, data governance is becoming a top priority, especially in highly regulated industries, such as banking, insurance, financial services and healthcare, the company says.

Syncsort has combined the attributes of Syncsort DMX-h high-performance big data integration software to access data from any source and load it into the data lake, while using Trillium Discover to profile that data. Customers can now understand the quality of the data in Hadoop or Spark, so they can be confident the data meets their governance criteria, or identify where they need to take actions to clean up the data where necessary.

In addition, organizations working with mainframe data can leverage DMX-h to ingest mainframe data into Hadoop in its native format and work with that data like any other data source, providing a critical capability for preserving data lineage – a key requirement for data governance.

As part of their data governance initiatives, many of Syncsort customers are looking for ways to assess the quality of the data as it is integrated from diverse data sources, including legacy and mainframes, and accessed in data lakes to support next-generation business analytics, observed Yogurtçu, noting that this process ensures they can trust that data, and that they are targeting the right data for their needs.

In addition, to support customer 360 initiatives, many businesses are building data lakes to bring together information from customer interactions housed across multiple data sources, as well as third-party sources for a single view of their customers. Syncsort has integrated DMX-h with its Trillium data quality, profiling and enrichment software to speed and simplify this process, and ensure a complete, accurate view of the customer. The new integration supports a complete and accurate view of customers by combining data and then performing the address matching routines, helps improve customer marketing and support by providing more customer information with a high level of accuracy, and helps drive key business decisions about customers by enabling customer analytics on next generation platforms.

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