Syncsort to Ship Mainframe Analysis Tool

Syncsort, a provider of data integration solutions, has announced a new solution that enables IT staff with minimal mainframe knowledge to get deep insight into how web-based and mobile transactions impact the mainframe, with enhanced granularity that enables them to quickly identify and solve service problems and improve customer satisfaction.

The solution, Ironstream Transaction Tracing, helps track transactions initiated on and off the mainframe – including mobile and web platforms – and feeds data in real time to Splunk Enterprise to take advantage of its advanced analytics and visualization. The toolset also provides critical information on overall transaction response time, with the ability to drill down into transaction details including time spent and resources consumed on CICS and Db2 on z/OS.

“Many organizations have large-scale business services in which critical transactions originate on tablets, phones and websites to connect with back-end applications hosted on the mainframe. IT must monitor overall response times to spot critical problems, but has poor visibility into what’s happening to them on the mainframe,” said David Hodgson, chief product officer for Syncsort. “With Ironstream Transaction Tracing, they get complete visibility into the end-user’s response experience, including a detailed breakdown of transaction time spent and resources consumed on the mainframe, using leading platforms for operational analytics like Splunk Enterprise and Splunk IT Service Intelligence.”

Ironstream Transaction Tracing leverages Ironstream’s ability to deliver machine data in real time to the Splunk platform without mainframe expertise. It is targeted at IT organizations who need to correlate transactions initiated on mobile and web platforms with detailed z/OS backend transaction processing information to improve problem identification and better manage SLAs. Ironstream Transaction Tracing will be available in Q4 2017.

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