Syncsort’s Change Data Capture Platform Can Now See in Real-Time

Syncsort, a provider of Big Iron to Big Data software, is introducing new functionalities in its Syncsort Integrate family of products, enabling a continuous, real-time data stream from multiple data sources.

The announcement was made at the Strata Data Conference held September 11-13 in New York City.

The new products provide speed, flexibility, and resiliency for the most demanding enterprise IT environments.

“The whole company has seen incredible growth,” said Tendu Yogurtcu, CTO of Syncsort. “Users will be able to access all enterprise data with our enhanced data integration software. That continues to be one of the biggest benefits of Syncsort’s data integration approach.”

Syncsort’s data integration software combines true streaming change data capture with stream-processing platforms like Kafka and Amazon Kinesis to create a real-time data pipeline directly from data sources to multiple databases and applications.

“We are creating visibility to what happens to data outside the cluster,” Yogurtcu said.

The innovations enable users to create data pipelines with both stream-processing platforms as well as Hadoop data lake targets, on-premise, and in the cloud.

In addition, Syncsort data integration and CDC offerings are now Apache Hadoop 3.0 compliant and Cloudera CDH 6.0 certified.

In addition to speed, reliability and resiliency are major differentiators of Syncsort’s changed data integration approach.

Syncsort’s data integration software uniquely protects against loss of data if a connection is temporarily lost with a source or target system by keeping close track of exactly where it left off.

It then automatically restarts at that exact point without manual intervention, so no data will be duplicated or missing from the target system.

The company will continue to strengthen the platform with more streaming capabilities, further focus on the cloud, venture into blockchain services, and provide offerings around the data quality stack, Yogurtcu explained.

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