Syniti Acquires Rightsizer Software to Drive Better Business Outcomes From SAP Transformation Projects

Syniti, a global leader in enterprise data management, announced it has acquired Proceed Group’s Rightsizer software, a tool for identifying archiving opportunities and determining infrastructure sizing as organizations embark on their SAP S/4HANA transformations.

The acquisition will expand and complement Syniti’s current portfolio of solutions and build on the company’s Data First approach to digital strategy of prioritizing data work at the start of any business transformation project. 

“Syniti and Proceed are long-time partners, having worked together on many successful data projects. Both companies believe that maximizing the value of your SAP S/4HANA transformation means getting your data in shape prior to the move,” said Nick Parkin, founder, Proceed Group, said. “Rightsizer is a natural fit for Syniti’s innovative solutions and its Data First mission, which is critical towards ensuring every client is thinking about their data as a first step to delivering faster business benefits from their system implementations.”

Rightsizer enables businesses to gain agility, relieve strain on internal resources, increase efficiencies in deployment, and maintain actionable data while keeping business operations running smoothly, according to Syniti.

With the acquisition of Proceed Rightsizer, Syniti customers will be able to begin working on their data earlier than ever before as they prepare for their journey to implementing SAP S/4HANA.

Syniti will begin incorporating the Rightsizer software into its Data Assessment Express offering, which gives customers rapid visibility into their SAP data to identify data challenges and opportunities.

It provides customers with earlier access to relevant data information with suggested actions to accelerate data quality, data governance, analytics, or data migration projects. These solutions facilitate the company’s Data First approach by driving the importance and real benefits of data-driven transformation efforts and further enhances Syniti’s capabilities and offerings in the SAP ecosystem, according to the vendor.

Assessing and optimizing data earlier, understanding what to archive and what to delete, helps customers realize value faster from their existing data and infrastructure, setting the right Data First foundation for SAP transformations.  With rightsized data, businesses can focus on the data that is most important to their operations and can realize increased efficiency from their existing investments, according to Syniti.

“I’ve never had a customer tell us they started their data work too early or that their data is too clean. This is particularly true for any business transformation project, as we have seen in the thousands of SAP migration projects that we’ve delivered on for our customers including our recent successful go-live at Bridgestone. We continue to see the Data First strategy proving to drive better business benefits than antiquated lift and shift approaches,” said Kevin Campbell, CEO, Syniti.

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