Syniti Releases Data Replication Solution, Offers Free Trial

Syniti, a global data management solution provider, is releasing the Syniti Data Replication 9.6 software solution, a flexible platform that provides fast up-to-the-minute data replication with real-time change data capture.

The solution bridges on-premise and cloud databases, such as SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL databases, IBM Db2, Oracle, Amazon databases, and Google Cloud, as well as other structures—to enable strategic management of big data and support management of data growth, faster synchronization and integration, and analysis of data. 

The solution supports high volumes of data, making it ideal for replication between a variety of heterogeneous source and targets connections, including data lake initiatives.

Through an interactive metrics dashboard, coupled with the change data capture feature, the solution keeps different databases aligned, while minimizing the amount of data required to be transferred from one database to another database or another data structure.

Businesses implementing analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, data migrations, data governance and data management will gain access to accurate, secure, real-time data with the increased ability to drive business intelligence, compliance, insights and revenue.

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