TDengine Cloud Eases Pressures of Time-Series Database Management

The open-source data platform purpose-built for time-series data, TDengine, is announcing its launch of TDengine Cloud for enterprises seeking to initialize, scale, and operate the TDengine time-series data platform with ease in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The platform aims to relieve the pressures of setup and management of the service, data ingestion rates, and analytics complexity—while offering additional functions such as improved intercommunication via its subscription system, according to the vendor.

TDengine’s guiding focus revolves around correcting high cardinality; the time-series database makes significant strides in data ingestion, querying, and compression—surpassing legacy and general-purpose databases of its kind. Citing its unique architecture as to why it can support billions of data points at no impact to performance, the vendor states that the TDengine Data Platform enables both comprehensive and enhanced service for their users to leverage. The release of TDengine 3.0—which incorporates Kubernetes and container support in its fully distributed architecture—further enhances scaling and deployment ability throughout public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Building from TDengine Data Platform’s time-series data performance, TDengine Cloud provides the capabilities of TDengine 3.0 in a fully managed, cloud-native iteration.

TDengine Cloud streamlines setup and management through built-in caching, stream-processing, and data subscription for improved resource conservation. By reducing the amount of diverse tools required to operate time-series data at scale, as well as simplifying administration functions, the solution makes one-time configurations possible and reduces the overall complexity of time-series data management.

“Not all companies have the expertise, time, or resources to fully support a time-series database infrastructure, especially as data continues to flood in and use cases scale,” said Jeff Tao, founder and CEO of TDengine. “TDengine Cloud enables developers to stand up a time-series data platform in seconds and removes all the ongoing operational and management burdens now and as those applications and use cases scale in the future.”

With both accelerated and simplified data ingestion rates, TDengine Cloud provides its users with choice. Whether you prefer standard SQL for writing data directly into the platform, using an MQTT to serve as a broker for data delivery with no code, or employing schemaless insert protocols, the solution alleviates significant pressure on users often limited to a single strategy for data ingestion in a time-series database.

The subscription system integrated with TDengine Cloud enhances communication through subscribing to topics and streams with the necessary data relevant to the process—including continuous and event-driven queries for computations and alerts. Dashboards and applications subscribe to the source publishing the data, while simultaneously that data is replicated via edge-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud synchronization for increased reliability.

TDengine Cloud arrives to its users fundamentally built for enterprise operability, out-of-the-box. Features such as robust backups, multi-cloud replication, user privilege control, unlimited users, and many more, are readily available within the platform—underpinned by technical support from TDengine for enterprise customers.

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