TDengine Ensures Industry 4.0 is Accessible to Everyone with Latest Industrial Sector Support

TDengine, the next-generation data historian, is unveiling several new connectors designed to support OPC-UA, OPC-DA, and MQTT protocols, ultimately forwarding zero-code, streamlined ingestion of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data into the TDengine platform.

TDengine’s latest support for OPC and MQTT connectors work to simplify the ingestion of industrial data, often a challenging endeavor necessitating extensive code writing and customization to work properly, according to the vendor.

Now, TDengine is equipped to work with industrial data, offering its high-performance time-series database capabilities—including visualizations, analytics, and BI tools—to the industrial sector.

This support signifies TDengines commitment to accommodating industrial scenarios, delivering no-code connectors that “are accessible to industrial enterprises of all sizes without requiring large IT teams or convoluted deployment processes and will continue to be maintainable and affordable in the future,” said Jeff Tao, founder and CEO of TDengine.

The inspiration behind TDengine’s investment into industrial data was “prompted by our realization that the data being generated by modern industrial enterprises is a perfect fit for the TDengine data model and our database management system,” said Tao.

“The equipment and sensors in power stations, manufacturing plants, oilfields, and mines, for example, all generate massive amounts of time-series data, which TDengine is built to handle. The data generated in these scenarios, in terms of its form and its content, can be easily processed and stored by TDengine, and we can offer data centralization and sharing that was not possible with traditional data historians,” he continued.

TDengine’s data ingestion for industrial data sources takes only minutes, without requiring any custom code. Additionally, built-in ETL, with user-defined rules, boosts data quality, while automatic backfill ensures data integrity in the case of service interruptions. Due to TDengine’s high performance, automatic backfill will not have an impact on other ingestion or query operations that may occur simultaneously, according to Tao.

These connectors are supported by both TDengine Enterprise for on-prem environments and fully managed TDengine Cloud.

“These data connectors enable industries to benefit from cutting-edge technology like AI in an affordable and easy to use way that traditional data solutions have not been able to achieve,” Tao explained. “By bringing our product to the industrial sector, TDengine is challenging the status quo and insisting that Industry 4.0 and IIoT should be accessible for everyone.”

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