TDengine Unveils New Data-Sharing Capabilities for TDengine Cloud

TDengine, the provider of an open source data platform purpose-built for time-series data, is unveiling a brand new data-sharing feature for TDengine Cloud. Enabling streamlined and secure data, instance, and database sharing, as well as authorized topic sharing propel TDengine’s platform into a highly shareable and protected environment.

TDengine Cloud is now able to share any level of data with fine-grained access control for both internal and external stakeholders; specified users or groups of users with different roles can access data ensured by secure tokens and encryption in flight.

“Enterprises want to share data with key members inside and outside the organization to streamline their processes and meet their business needs, but they need precise control of their data to ensure that compliance and privacy guidelines are satisfied,” said Jeff Tao, founder and CEO of TDengine. “Our data-sharing feature makes this complex process as easy as sharing Google Docs.”

Data is easily shared with just an email address; it can be further secured with granular limited-access control for single users or groups, as well as configured by expiration times, secure access tokens, and data encryption.

With instance and database sharing capabilities, TDengine Cloud allows users to allot developer privileges for an entire instance to quickly grant full access to an internal team or grant limited access to specific database resources. The TDengine data replication function now enables streamlined data transfers for enterprises, both internally and externally.

“The data sharing feature will help to remove the data silos through its fine-controlled process to make sharing the right information more secure for data owners,” said Tao.

Authorized topic sharing ensures that only relevant data is shared by generating a data streaming topic with user management privileges. By employing SQL, users can create stream processing tasks with precision using languages they already know.

“Besides being an easy and simple process, our feature provides fine-tuned limited access control over what data you want to share,” explained Tao. “Users can share the whole database, a table, a super table, specified columns in a table, data in specified time range, or even aggregated data without raw data. The user simply uses SQL to select the shared data, and is even able to aggregate, roll up, or transform the raw data shared.”

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