TDengine and Casne Engineering Revolutionize the Industrial IoT Space with Strategic Partnership

TDengine, the open-source time series data platform, is announcing its strategic partnership with Casne Engineering, the industrial engineering and technology services provider, which will integrate technologies to boost the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market.

This collaboration will introduce a holistic and efficient IIoT platform for industrial customers seeking to enhance overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), as well as reduce downtime.

Accomplished by integrating TDengine’s time series database technology into its existing IIoT solutions, TDengine and Casne will join to improve the increasingly disparate environment of industrial data.

"Collaborating with Casne Engineering will allow TDengine to accelerate innovation in the IIoT space,” said Jeff Tao, CEO of TDengine. “Our partnership will enable customers to extract more value from their data, optimizing their operations for increased productivity and profitability."

Casne will ultimately be enabled to organize large sums of sensor data to the cloud, unifying data from heterogeneous locations and systems, including on-premises. By pairing the TDengine platform with the TDengine PI Connector, Casne will be positioned to embrace a collaborative data element ecosystem with both partners and vendors alike, while simultaneously performing real-time analytics provided by modern cloud tech stacks, according to the companies. 

“Joining forces with TDengine will help to expand the range of possibilities in delivering cutting-edge IIoT solutions to our customers,” said Nick Wiley, executive vice president of Casne Engineering. “We chose TDengine because of its flexibility and performance for ingesting time-series data in the cloud. There’s no question about the platform’s ability to scale with us.”

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