TELUS International and Morpheus Data Partner to Deliver Agile Hybrid Cloud Platform Operations

TELUS International, a digital customer experience (CX) innovator, today announced a strategic partnership with Morpheus Data, a pioneer in software for hybrid cloud management and platform operations, strengthening TELUS International’s robust suite of cloud management solutions to further elevate end-to-end digital transformations for its clients.

“As businesses continue to evolve in the digital era, the demand for a revolutionary approach to developer enablement and IT service delivery has become more pressing than ever. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of TELUS International’s hybrid cloud management capabilities, powered by Morpheus Data, to help our clients streamline and operationalize their internal development platform projects more quickly,” said Paul Egger, vice president, TELUS International Digital Solutions. “Embedded in all of our public and private cloud solutions to enable true hybrid cloud management, this evolved iteration of our cloud orchestration platform represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to deliver agile, cutting-edge digital services for our clients. Notably, we are simultaneously creating a service fabric for the future that extends into professional services, application services, and beyond.”

TELUS International's expertise in customer-centric digital solutions combined with Morpheus Data's state-of-the-art cloud management technology simplifies the consumption of private and public clouds, container clusters, and automation tools to eliminate onboarding friction and modernize applications, according to the companies.

The cloud platform comes equipped with an engine that allows enterprises to manage their operations easily and efficiently through a single console. It also provides integrations that enable a unified view of operations, self-service provisioning, and hybrid cloud cost management.

To further enhance customer support for its global enterprise clients, Morpheus Data will be integrating an AI-powered chatbot based on the intelligent TELUS International Assistant (iTIA) framework within its hybrid cloud management platform.

“As a leader in application modernization and digital transformation services, TELUS International is the perfect partner to build a managed services offering based on the Morpheus platform,” said Brad Parks, chief product officer at Morpheus Data. “By integrating the power of generative AI into our hybrid cloud management platform, we are truly co-engineering solutions that are reshaping how customers enable developer self-service. Together with TELUS International, we are delivering experiences that help businesses to quickly optimize their platform operations, enhance IT efficiency, and drive innovation.”

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