TIBCO Acquires SnappyData Spark-Based Data Platform

TIBCO Software has acquired SnappyData, provider of a high-performance in-memory data platform built on Apache Spark.

TIBCO says SnappyData’s Apache Spark-based, unified in-memory cluster will complement TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence Platform, increasing volume, speed, and real-time capabilities.

With this acquisition, TIBCO says it is 100% compatible with and committed to the Apache Spark open source ecosystem. SnappyData leverages the popularity of Apache Spark and Apache Spark Streaming by fusing the Apache Spark stack with Apache Geode, a distributed in-memory database.

The solution, created by the innovative founders of Apache Geode (GemFire)—Richard Lamb, Sudhir Menon, and Jags Ramnarayan—adds to the strengths of TIBCO's open source portfolio, which also includes Project Flogo for microservices development.

According to TIBCO, its customers will benefit from enabling streaming, transactional, and interactive analytics in a single unifying system, which will enable faster insights from high volumes, while maintaining a low TCO due to performance and ease of administration. The result, TIBCO says, is increased performance that is up to 20 times faster than native Apache Spark, while scaling to support large Apache Spark-compatible stores.

SnappyData augments the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform by providing improved performance and increased agility for intelligence at scale, said Matt Quinn, chief operating officer, TIBCO. The combination, he noted, will make the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform a strong solution for driving real-time insights, such as predictive maintenance and anomaly detection.

The SnappyData platform’s enterprise and open source products have use cases in IoT and across industry verticals, including manufacturing, financial services, and telecom. Adding these solutions to the TIBCO portfolio is expected to enable TIBCO to enhance existing offerings, such as visual analytics, empowering business analysts to leverage Apache Spark with better data refresh intervals, faster query times, and increased productivity; data science, enabling data scientists with a high-speed, highly scalable in-memory data store to explore new, larger datasets; streaming analytics, providing data engineers and data scientists with a high-performance historical store; and  DataOps, orchestrating and streamlining management of analytics data pipelines.

To learn more, visit the SnappyData and the TIBCO websites.