TIBCO Announces Enterprise Cloud Delivery Platform

TIBCO Software announced TIBCO Silver, an application delivery platform designed specifically for building and deploying cloud applications inside large IT environments.

TIBCO Silver is intended to address cloud-computing issues such as availability, security, integration, governance and scalability, the vendor says. The solution incorporates solutions from across TIBCO's SOA and messaging-focused product line, Rourke McNamara, director of product marketing for TIBCO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Cloud application characteristics demand an underlying platform that is service enabled," he explains. Examples include online travel reservation or online tax filing. These composite applications have similar requirements of SOA-based apps in terms of composition, because they are loosely coupled services based on contracts, rather then implementation specifics."

"TIBCO Silver leverages the proven technology and expertise from enterprise messaging, integration and SOA product stacks to enable rapid delivery of applications to the cloud," McNamara adds.

The environment includes "self-aware" elasticity, a feature that eliminates the need for human intervention to address and resolve when applications should grow or shrink. Instead, TIBCO Silver automatically adjusts to troughs and spikes. Powered by TIBCO's patented Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, this self-aware capability will save software architects time and resources when they manage and display cloud applications.

TIBCO Silver also provides container support for Java, C++, and Ruby with support for .NET and Spring that allows an architect the flexibility to construct a composite application using services developed in various programming languages.

McNamara sees a great deal of similarities between cloud computing and SOA. "SOA is an architectural pattern that is critical for Cloud applications as well," he says. "We see our cloud computing as the next logical enabler of SOA adoption. Cloud computing offers a new form of service delivery option for applications. That said, cloud computing does has its unique challenges and you cannot take any SOA platform and make it work in the Cloud context. TIBCO Silver allows you to leverage the benefits of a SOA platform-service virtualization, enterprise class reliability, scalability and availability along with the elasticity and cost benefits that cloud computing provides." The product will be offered as beta on June 30, 2009. For more information, go here.