TIBCO Announces Updates to Connect Portfolio and an Evolution of TIBCO Cloud

TIBCO has announced updates to its Connect portfolio and an evolution of TIBCO Cloud, including enhanced features that provide digital leaders a unified, self-service, modern digital platform to run and adapt how the business operates. Innovative updates to integration, API management, and messaging offerings further empower users to connect, compose, and deliver any application, data source, and device.  

“A connected digital business requires accelerated development and connectivity to reach its full potential,” said Randy Menon, senior vice president and general manager, Connect and Cloud, TIBCO. “We’re raising the bar by accelerating digitally native business priorities and giving anyone in an organization the power to do so. We offer a single, cohesive platform that supports the adaptability required by digital businesses, helping organizations capitalize on data and insights to make predictions in real time.”

Enhancements to key TIBCO Connect solutions include the following:

  • TIBCO Cloud Integration: New automation capabilities empower a wide variety of business users to quickly streamline and automate key processes and workflows, which improve the efficiency of core business activities, such as onboarding, lead generation, and claims processing.
  • TIBCO Cloud API Management: Building on TIBCO CloudMashery, this new offering evolves API management to manage the value provided by a business expressed as APIs. The solution provides full lifecycle API management as an integral part of the TIBCO Cloud, with seamless connectivity into essential capabilities, such as integration, data analytics, process automation, and messaging. TIBCO Cloud API Management, along with new innovations enhancing the developer pipeline and a new visual editor for API design and testing, are immediately available to new and existing TIBCO Cloud Mashery and TIBCO Mashery customers.
  • TIBCO Cloud Messaging: New cloud-native storage options introduced in TIBCO Enterprise Message ServiceX empower a new level of support for TIBCO Cloud Messaging. TIBCO Cloud Messaging enables open source solutions like Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka to be fully managed in the cloud, and now offers native support for JMS with a managed TIBCO Enterprise Message Service support. The solution now facilitates simplified customer migration from on-premises estates to cloud-ready solutions without the need for a lift and shift approach.

TIBCO Cloud now offers a refreshed user experience to give users a personalized, 360-degree platform experience. In addition, automated decisioning, developed within a completely no-code experience for business users, builds a real-time digital experience that senses and responds proactively and intelligently to key business events.

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