TIBCO Brings In-Memory Processing to Messaging

TIBCO Software Inc., a provider of application integration and SOA infrastructure solutions, announced the latest version of its flagship low-latency messaging platform, which adds in-memory technology to bring new levels of reliability to persistent messaging. The new solution, TIBCO FTL 3.1, is intended to provide a messaging platform that delivers high-speed performance to data management.

FTL 3.1 includes a new distributed in-memory persistence engine that maximizes performance, with guaranteed message delivery and a messaging throughput of over 850,000 messages per second, TIBCO says.

This capability is also now available to organizations outside of financial services, the traditional market for low-latency solutions, says Denny Page, chief engineer at TIBCO. "TIBCO FTL was designed to address the needs of extreme low latent environments such as financial markets, where trades are increasingly performed by high-performance algorithms and where microseconds make a vast difference in delivering results," he says. "With the introduction of the in-memory persistence engine for guaranteed delivery, TIBCO FTL 3.1 is now also ideally suited to address high performance use cases in any industry where extremely fast environments are required to track billions of data points a day."

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