TIBCO Brings More Intelligence to the Cloud

TIBCO Software Inc., a provider of integration, API management, and analytics solutions, is enhancing capabilities for the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud (TCIC). The additions to TCIC are intended to provide users with highly customizable and simple-to-use functions, such as business event processing, full lifecycle APIs, and visual analytics.

TCIC is a digital-business platform designed to enable organizations to interconnect disparate data, identify operational issues or future opportunities, and turn insights into actions. New TCIC products include: TIBCO Cloud Events, which is event processing tailored for the cloud; TIBCO Cloud Nimbus, which incorporates intelligent business process modeling; and TIBCO Cloud Starters, asset of customizable, cross-capability template applications built by TIBCO Labs.

Enhancements to existing TCIC products include TIBCO Cloud Integration with TIBCO Scribe functionality, intended to enable cloud-based integration for businesses of any size and users of any skill level.

"Our goal with the expanded TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud is to create an enterprise-scale platform that augments organizations' intelligence and humanizes digital analysis," said Matt Quinn, chief operating officer for TIBCO.

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