TIBCO Delivers Predictive Analytics to a Wide Range of Business Applications

TIBCO Software Inc. has announced two new products, TIBCO Spotfire Miner 8.1 and TIBCO Spotfire S+ Server 8.1, that allow enterprises to incorporate and deploy predictive analytics on very large data sets in a wide range of business applications. The two products encourage better, more informed business decisions across the enterprise by utilizing the TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform to deploy business applications that utilize powerful data mining, statistics and predictive modeling to discover hidden patterns, anticipate opportunities in a volatile environment, and optimize investment in limited resources.

The introduction of TIBCO Spotfire Miner adds data mining capabilities directly to the analytics platform, which provides functionality for accessing, cleaning, transforming and reducing data. These data mining techniques enable users to pre-process data before analysis, and make the searching of very large data sets much more feasible. Analysts can use Spotfire Miner to detect patterns in the data sets, identify specific variables to isolate, and enhance the data through statistics before further analysis.

By combining the power of the TIBCO Spotfire S+ Server statistical tools with the analytics platform, customers get a rapid prototyping environment for analytic applications that combines interactive, exploratory analysis with powerful statistical and predictive modeling. Statistical experts can visualize and explore model results in TIBCO Spotfire Professional, and collaborate more easily through the creation of reusable analytical applications that can be easily shared and used by business professionals.

The addition of these two new products to the TIBCO Analytics Platform has advanced the company's ability to deploy statistically enhanced and predictive analytic applications to a wide range of professionals across the enterprise. Not only does TIBCO enable statisticians and business analysts to prototype, test, and deploy analytics much faster than with alternative statistical modeling environments, but TIBCO now has a solution that offers reusable and intuitive data preparation and data mining as well.

Lou Bajuk-Yorgan, senior director of product management for TIBCO, tells 5 Minute Briefing that one example of the benefits of these new products can be found in the management of quality processes in high-tech manufacturing. "An analyst can use Spotfire Miner to sort through thousands of quality variables and collapse the data set down to twelve critical data points to analyze. These 12 data points could then be combined with data from other sources and sent to Spotfire S+ Server and Spotfire Professional for iterative analytical modeling and visualization. Once a good model for tracking quality processes emerges from this procedure, it can be deployed into the production environment for process and quality engineers to use on a daily basis."

For more information about the TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Platform and its new product components, go here.