TIBCO Enhances its Spotfire Platform with Improved Analysis and Data Wrangling Capabilities

TIBCO Software Inc. is releasing an upgraded version of its TIBCO Spotfire data analytics platform, assisting users in their quest to discover insights quickly.

“Spotfire continues to extend its innovative leadership in visual analytics by offering more built-in data access, preparation, and visualization capabilities while extending its smart recommendations, collaboration, and storytelling functionality,” said Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer, TIBCO. “This release accelerates self-service productivity—enabling faster, more accurate insights that can be shared over a platform that scales on cloud or on-premises.”

The updated version of Spotfire, a data visualization and analytics solution engineered for exploration, includes enhancements to core visualizations, an expanded set of built-in data access and data preparation functions, additional collaboration and mashup capabilities, and a re-design of the Spotfire server topology with simplified web-based administration tools.

"Our goal is to enable users to simplify and reduce time to insight, while enabling actions through a unified Spotfire platform that does not rely on costly add-ons or extensions,” O’Connell said.

New features include easy visualizations with new graphs, inline data preparation, bolstered scale-out architecture with a set of service nodes that can be started, stopped, and combined into shared resource pools through a simplified web-based user interface, and enhanced collaboration and storytelling.

“Self-service technology like TIBCO Spotfire plays an important role in helping companies become more agile and data-driven,” said O’Connell.

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