TIBCO Expands Data Discovery with Spotfire 4.5

TIBCO Software Inc., a provider of infrastructure software on-premise and in the cloud, has announced the latest version of its analytics platform: Spotfire 4.5. This new release will feature visualization-based data discovery and collaboration capabilities for all types of extreme information, including big data. Additionally, Spotfire 4.5 will provide greater data exploration and new predictive analytics capabilities of both structured data and unstructured content, as well as iPad compatibility that allows users to construct "private-branded" Spotfire Analytics solutions. Together, these capabilities are intended to offer organizations the ability to leverage all of their data to better discover and predict business outcomes that can be delivered to a larger population.

Spotfire 4.5 features greater access to new data types, the most notable of which is a new application data service connector to Apache Hadoop. This expanded data capability will enable users to access their information in Hadoop right from Spotfire directly through the advanced data services connector, Lou Jordano, director of product marketing at TIBCO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Enterprises will be able to "mashup" big data with data from other applications such as, Oracle, and SAP and others.

The latest analytics platform from TIBCO also includes integration with Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine (AIE). This feature will enable line-of-business users to employ data visualization, advanced analytics, and intuitive search and discovery capabilities collectively in one dashboard. This provides a "unified view of both structured data and unstructured content," including unstructured content such as "email, documents, text messages, websites, social networking sites and more," states Jordano.

In addition, users of Spotfire 4.5 will be provided an expanded portfolio of pre-packaged predictive methods made available from the core platform. "Your average line-of-business user would be able to access these out-of-the-box methods and run those analyses very quickly," explains Jordano. Spotfire 4.5 has also broadened its analytic models. Jordano says, "We're enabling users who are also users of SAS or MATLAB to access their SAS and MATLAB scripts directly from Spotfire, making those systems much more useable and accessible to a broader population."

TIBCO's deployment kit for iPad is another new feature in Spotfire 4.5, giving users access to the software on-the-go and allowing them to brand their own mobile apps. According to Jordan, "4.5 is enhancing our mobility offering by enabling branding opportunities as well as customization features that should really tailor the app to the particular user."

TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 will be available later this month. For more information, visit