TIBCO Focuses on Embeddable BI in Jaspersoft 6.0

TIBCO, a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, has released TIBCO Jaspersoft 6. With this release, Jaspersoft is introducing embeddable dashboards powered by Visualize.js, the new JavaScript framework for embedding BI components.

To be competitive in the BI software market, organizations must differentiate and separate themselves to stand out in the marketplace. TIBCO has done that with its overall performance and its desire to service an underdeveloped segment in the marketplace, according to Mike Boyarski, director of product marketing at TIBCO.  “We have been focused on a very particular type of BI, embedded BI, which is pretty under-served,” stated Boyarski. Jaspersoft 6 also provides key differentiators within the product that help it stand out, he said.           

According to Boyarski the adoption rate of BI software within organizations relatively low. Seventy-five percent of a typical organization’s employees are not using the BI tools that companies purchase. He believes this is due to business users not having the necessary tools within the applications that they use on a daily basis such as CRM database and financial spreadsheets.

For TIBCO, the goal was to make the software embeddable within applications and give the business users the ability to click on anomalies with actionable insight. A key feature in Jaspersoft 6 is JavaScript. JavaScript is a front end web technology that business users are familiar with. However, he said, many traditional BI tools do not use JavaScript, thus making Jaspersoft 6 unique.

“Developers love Javascript because it’s very easy and a fairly intuitive language, but it also gives them the maximum control to the experience they want to provide to their end customer,” stated Boyarski. Version 6 also includes dashboards for the BI users. Many BI users like working with dashboards because of their ability to provide an overview of everything they are working on. To assist the developers, TIBCO redesigned its dashboard designer, making it more simple to use with a drag and drop method which can cut the time to implement dashboards down to minutes.

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