TIBCO Introduces New Platforms to Better Manage Data

TIBCO Software Inc., a provider of enterprise data solutions, is focusing on disrupting the analytics space with a series of platform releases, including TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics, providing immersive, smart, and real-time analytics to data-driven businesses. The company also unveiled TIBCO Spotfire 11 and TIBCO Cloud Data Streams, accelerating insights and actions for businesses.

Hyperconverged Analytics is TIBCO's visionary approach for converged visual analytics, data science, and streaming, across data and analytics roles.

When coupled with TIBCO Cloud Data Streams, this takes users beyond traditional business intelligence with the ability to connect to real-time data streams for responsive business insights.

Supporting next-generation business analysis needs, TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics delivers visual analytics, data science, and streaming analytics capabilities through a single environment, Spotfire 11.

“The worlds of real-time events and analytics on accumulated data are converging,” said Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer, TIBCO. “With TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics, we compress the time from business events to analysis, insight, decision and action for all kinds of data. Proven results are astounding, and we see extreme value generation across many business sectors.”

Hyperconverged Analytics shortens the time to insights, while the new Spotfire 11 shortens the time to custom analytics creation.

Together, they combine data management and data science with real-time data to drive business insights, decisions, and actions.

TIBCO is bringing a “power to the people” analytics revolution with the introduction of TIBCO Spotfire Mods. The offering supports innovation for purpose-built analytic apps, fulfilling the promise of Hyperconverged Analytics.

TIBCO Cloud Data Streams is one of the first cloud-based, real-time streaming BI platforms, delivering click-simple access to real-time data for visualizations in Spotfire.

Now users can detect emerging trends and patterns as they occur, anticipate future conditions, and take action when it matters most.

Extending ease-of-use to real-time analytics, TIBCO Cloud Data Streams allows customers to innovate beyond conventional approaches to BI, and extends the democratization of high-value insights to streaming data.

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