TIBCO Launches Solution to Manage APIs

TIBCO Software Inc. is unveiling a new platform designed for companies investing in digital business strategies. The platform, called TIBCO Mashery Enterprise API, covers the entire API lifecycle, allowing users to create, integrate, and manage APIs with a single offering.

“The world is definitely moving in a direction towards more sophistication, more complexity and you need just a more powerful platform to manage that,” said Ed Julson, senior product marketing manager at TIBCO.

The solution allows users to create, scale, monitor, and distribute their APIs. With the product, TIBCO aims to bridge the gap between core IT groups and users at edge of the business, Julson said.

Benefits of Mashery Enterprise are that it is a single cloud-based solution that allows users to discover, create, publish, and secure APIs with support for core API integration needs such as microservices, API choreography, routing, and transformation functionality.

The platform includes full API-based access to core business applications, data, and existing SOA assets; and offers a single pane of glass for all APIs and their interactions, bridging the gaps between corporate and line-of-business IT groups. In addition, the vendor says, Mashery provides sophisticated API design features  that support multichannel and API-based digital initiatives.

Chief digital officers, chief marketing officers, and people responsible for different components of the business will benefit the most from this platform, according to Julson. “We think there’s a need towards the edge of the business for a product like this,” Julson said.

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