TIBCO Offers Free Software and Online Resource for Predictive Analytics

TIBCO Software Inc., a provider of enterprise infrastructure software, has released free software and a community site aimed at R developers tasked with broadening the use of predictive analytics in the enterprise. TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R Developers Edition is a free version that is available to the entire Open Source R community, while the TERR Community Site provides enterprise developers with community-based technical support and a peer forum to help them build and deploy analytics for their organization.

TERR Developer Edition is intended to provide R statisticians with a platform for the development and testing of their R analytics, which can be deployed and integrated using commercial versions of TERR without re-implementing in a different language, providing a more agile response to emerging opportunities and threats. “What makes us different is that because we support R and we can give enterprise scalability to the R language via our engine, we can embed those R scripts or models into our visualization-based data discovery tool,” Ben McGraw, TIBCO industry manager for life sciences, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Developers who download TERR Developer Edition will receive a free perpetual license for non-production use, and can receive support through the TIBCOmmunity. “The TERR community site is a community-based technical support in peer form, so it’s for people that are leveraging it to deploy their R models and code they’ve developed,” McGraw explains.

TERR Developer Edition is available now. For more information visit