TIBCO Releases “Recommendations” for Spotfire Cloud

TIBCO is releasing Recommendations, a self-service BI tool that is aimed at the everyday business user.  Recommendations is a cloud product that has similar capabilities to the on premise product. It provides a built-in analytics intelligence wizard, a revamped look and feel, and better functionality. 

According to market estimates, only 25% of knowledge workers are using BI or data discovery tools. Recommendations has been introduced for the business user who relies on data for discovery and insight to guide business decisions. The tool’s analytics intelligence wizard shows different graph and chart visualization options for the business user’s data. 

“What is neat is that the visualizations that are presented are the real visualizations that the user will use with their specific data. We do not bring up a template of typical visualizations, we suggest the visualizations with the actual data already in it,” explained Lars Bauerle, senior director of product management, TIBCO Software. The analytics intelligence wizard also provides value to the experienced business user as well. With the many different visualization suggestions for a user’s data, experienced users may also find new ways to display their data that they hadn’t previously considered.

The tool also comes with a modern look and feel and an upgrade to the UI, which contains new elements including changing color schemes and more in depth manipulations of the graphs and charts.

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