TIBCO Releases Spotfire 7

Data as a set of information can only go so far. Many businesses need to be able to create data visualizations to enable the tangible benefits of being able to study data for better business practices.  TIBCO, a provider of infrastructure and business intelligence software, is releasing a new release of Spotfire that is aimed at serving everyone from the novice user to the expert user.

Spotfire is self-service analytics software unified on a centrally-managed platform that is designed to provide all individuals in an organization with the ability to make data-driven decisions.

The latest release of Spotfire 7.0, said Mike Boyarski, director of product marketing at TIBCO Analytics, further accommodates the varying degrees of expertise present among data users. “We were focusing on making the platform easier to work with," he said.

“We wanted to go after a category of users that aren’t necessarily experts with data,” stated Boyarski. To address this, TIBCO instituted Automated Guidance, which allows users to connect to their data very quickly. The engine identifies visualization suggestions based on the users suggested data, and the visualizations are then displayed with the user’s data to show the person exactly what their visualizations will look like.

Spotfire 7.0 also aims to enable faster data exploration by providing a panel that contains many of the action functions of working with the data, providing the ability to merge columns through dynamic grouping, and enabling quick configurations that allow users to work through a single click on the axis.

“Our goal with Spotfire 7 is to make analytics software easier to use and to drive insights for everyday users,” said Boyarski.

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