TIBCO Ships Cloud-Based Analytic System

TIBCO Software Inc., an integration platform provider, announced the general availability of a portfolio of on-demand offerings enabling users to create, publish, and share customized business intelligence (BI) dashboards and advanced analytics applications via the cloud. TIBCO Silver Spotfire 2.0 is available as a tiered collection of packages that offers tiered capabilities, scalability and pricing. No IT department involvement is required, the vendor also claims. 

"TIBCO Silver Spotfire scales to meet the demands of beginner analysts all the way up to the most seasoned analysts, whether they need to analyze their sales pipeline, track invoices including budgeted and actual expenses, or examine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns," says Lars Bauerle, vice president of product strategy at TIBCO Spotfire. "This newly enhanced solution also offers a secure environment for a variety of business users to analyze important data in order to make better informed business decisions that can impact the bottom line."

TIBCO Silver Spotfire 2.0 provides users the ability to embed live dashboards into their social media applications, including business blogs, online articles, tweets, and live feeds, the vendor says. Users can also embed dashboards within TIBCO's tibbr solution via a stream so followers of that stream can then obtain and share real-time information.

Silver Spotfire also includes a library of analysis and dashboard templates designed to jump start the analysis process. The library features dashboards and analysis applications from a range of industries and business departments and utilizes best practices for data visualization and information insight. In addition to templates, consumers can benefit from an online product tour, a host of short how-to demos, an analytics blog and a support community.

Depending on the level of functionality needed and budget, TIBCO Silver Spotfire 2.0 software supports four types of users, including beginners, collaborative workgroups, software publishers, and analysts.

TIBCO provides a template library and support community at