TIBCO Software Launches Suite of New Products and Features

TIBCO Software, a provider of integration, API management, and analytics, is introducing a series of new products, features, and connectivity that help make agile innovation easier than.

Enhancements to the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform further accelerate TIBCO customers’ time-to-action, enabling them to innovate faster and more sustainably, ultimately turning ideas and investments into business value.

TIBCO Cloud Mashery, TIBCO’s leading API management software and one in a series of cloud-native technologies from TIBCO, provides customers with first-class support for cloud-native deployments in public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises.

In keeping with this cloud-first and cloud-native momentum, TIBCO announced that TIBCO Mashery Local Developer Portal is now also available as a fully cloud-native deployment – in private clouds or on-premises. This further enables customers to evolve to cloud-native architectural platforms such as Kubernetes.

Acknowledging that its customers are increasingly embracing a mix of proprietary commercial applications and tools alongside open-source software and broad sharing, TIBCO continues to develop capabilities to support open source and is weaving more open offerings into its product mix.

The introduction of TIBCO Messaging Manager 1.0.0, including a comprehensive Apache Kafka Management Toolkit, provides an intelligent, predictive, and auto-completing command-line interface (CLI), simplifying the setup and management of Apache Kafka

In addition, TIBCO now offers support for IoT-based machine-to-machine communication via OPC Foundation Unified Architecture in TIBCO Streaming software.

New Process Mining capabilities via TIBCO LABS enable customers to discover, improve, and predict process behavior from data event logs produced by operational systems. Other enhancements to this AI foundation include a new interactive AI capability in TIBCO Spotfire and a new ability to call a TIBCO Data Science model “runner” from Spotfire.

A new Streaming Data Science functionality is also available inside its new Intelligent Equipment Accelerator to call machine-learning models for real-time streaming data.

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