TIBCO Spotfire 3.0 Scales to Reach New Users and New Applications Across the Enterprise

TIBCO Software has announced the launch of TIBCO Spotfire 3.0, the latest version of the company's in-memory analytics platform for business decision-making. The new release introduces simplified connectivity to popular business applications such as Oracle and SAP, load balancing, and enhanced in-memory performance to better enable IT organizations to scale Spotfire throughout the enterprise.

With the Spotfire 3.0 release, data can now be analyzed from more enterprise data sources, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel eBusiness Applications, as well as SAP NetWeaver BI, SAP ERP, and A large number of additional applications and data sources can be accessed using a new Web Services connector that has been developed by TIBCO's middleware connectivity software group.

"What makes TIBCO Spotfire unique is its strong visualization and in-memory analysis capabilities," Mark Lorion, vice president of marketing for TIBCO Spotfire, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Spotfire takes a snapshot of the data to be analyzed and loads it into a highly indexed in-memory engine wherein dimensions and aggregates can be derived. In-memory analysis provides a higher level of flexibility because users are not limited to the pre-defined structures in data cubes, and do not need to engage IT to make data structure modifications. This flexibility enables more in-depth drill-down into data, and advanced slice and dice capabilities."

Designed for enterprise-level deployment, Spotfire 3.0 offers scalability across the enterprise through a multi-tiered architecture. This design supports full failover recovery and dynamic load balancing, centralized management of enterprise deployments and improved application migration methods. These enhancements make deployments across mission critical applications possible and allow IT to continually respond more quickly to growing business needs.

Spotfire 3.0 includes enhancements to its data visualization capabilities. Improvements to the dynamic data engine now enable visualizations and analyses to be automatically updated based on external events and real-time data. Improved mapping allows for better data analysis of patterns, clusters, correlations among pairs of variables, gaps, and outliers. Spotfire 3.0 also offers tree maps that allow for the analysis of hierarchical and multi-dimensional data to identify structural properties, as well as error bars that instantly illuminate outliers and visually depict standard deviations on existing visualizations. This added visualization extensibility provides rapid overviews of data and the ability to instantly spot trends from many variables.

For more information on TIBCO Spotfire 3.0, go here.