TIBCO Spotfire 5.5 Features Unified Data Access for Self-Service Analytics

Infrastructure software provider TIBCO Software Inc. has announced the latest version of its data discovery and visualization platform, TIBCO Spotfire 5.5. The offering maximizes corporate investment through a unified approach to simultaneously work with data in-memory and directly query a variety of data systems and engines. Spotfire 5.5 also integrates with Teradata Aster, TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer, and TIBCO BusinessEvents, providing users with the ability to use predictive analytics for real-time events and big data insights. In addition, the release  features a new set of visualization analysis capabilities to manage the business by exception, and deliver fast and contextual insights to business user.

TIBCO Spotfire 5.5 allows enterprise users to leverage virtually any corporate data source, warehouse, or big data engine and post process analytic results in Spotfire’s in-memory engine. The platform opens up over 30 data sources to this new hybrid approach, as analytic data warehouses, data bases, NoSQL sources, web services and applications are all accessible through a common layer with complete flexibility. “To get the most power out of some of these databases you need to use their own way of running the queries, and that’s what we’re able to do in this release. We use the native ways of querying these databases and simply pull the results back into Spotfire,” Steve Farr, TIBCO’s senior director of product marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Enterprises now have the ability to manage access to all data sources, no matter whether they are conducting in-memory analysis, in-database analysis, or both.

In Spotfire 5.5, a new analysis concept to “visually manage by exception” automatically puts forward the KPIs, signals, and data that matters most and needs action.  Using dashboards, analytic applications and data discovery, customers can instantly find the exceptions in the business through dynamic rule-based filters and visualization. Spotfire 5.5 leverages Teradata Aster to do in-database predictive analytics.

“We’re extending the library of analytical tools to Teradata Aster, which allows us to do SQL-based MapReduce on Hadoop data. If you’re looking to ask really intelligent questions of Hadoop data, this is a smart way of doing it because you can use SQL,” Farr explains. Through the integration with TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer and TIBCO BusinessEvents, Spotfire 5.5 predictive analytics also enables enterprises to scale TIBCO Enterprsie Runtime for R modeling to parallel, real-time applications, such as fraud detection or in-store offers.

TIBCO Spotfire 5.5 will be generally available on May 31st. For more information, visit