TIBCO Spotfire and Attivio Partner for Unified Information Access

Attivio and TIBCO Software Inc. have announced that, as part of a new partnership agreement, the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform has achieved the highest level of information access available within Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine (AIE). 

The reason for the platinum certification, Sid Probstein, CTO of Attivio, tells 5 Minute Briefing, is that "TIBCO Spotfire is the first BI tool that we have certified, and we believe it is the only one in the industry today that has a search box so that you can combine the traditional business intelligence with structured querying as well as visualizations - which TIBCO Spotfire leads the industry in. You can also have the experience of web search - the search experience that you always wanted to apply to that data - so it is that unique combination of Attivio Active Intelligence Engine and its ability to deal with all kinds of data, and TIBCO's support at the platinum level for querying that we think is totally unique in the industry."

According to Attivio, its AIE ingests all types of structured data and unstructured content, and unlike a traditional data warehouse, does not require relationships between any data or content to be defined in advance prior to ingestion. In achieving platinum-level certification, Attivio says TIBCO Spotfire has been authenticated by Attivio to be able to present, analyze, access and leverage AIE's AI-SQL capabilities to provide data visualization, enhanced analytics of unstructured content and intuitive search and discovery, all in the same dashboard. The end result says Attivio is a visually engaging unified information access (UIA) experience that actively joins structured data with unstructured content for immediate answers to business questions, enabling CIOs, business users, analysts, scientists, and statisticians the ability to interact directly with all of their enterprise information, regardless of source or format.

With this solution, TIBCO Spotfire and Attivio are addressing the issue of "extreme data" through a combination of a unified information access platform and visualization-based data discovery.  According to Probstein, the term extreme data is increasingly being used to describe data that has complexity, variety, velocity, and volume. "When most people refer to big data, they actually refer to the volume problem, but there are other elements to it."  This partnership between TIBCO and Attivio, he notes, is very focused on the variety of information.

"With the unified information access approach which is exactly what Attivio is all about,  you can get at the variety of data - documents, emails, webpages -  and the interesting thing is that when you start to cover that  additional content and you make it available, you give the users the ability to not only see what is happening, which is in the transactions and the structured data, but to also understand why it happened - that is what the unstructured data brings into it  - and this creates a powerful business agility. We think that is a big part of what is appealing with the combination of AIE and TIBCO Spotfire. You can bring in any kind of information across the spectrum, whether it is outside the company or inside, regardless of whether it is structured or unstructured, and you can analyze it in a very agile way, asking one question today and another question tomorrow, and visualize information very efficiently."

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