TIBCO Unveils Spotfire 5.0 for Improved Big Data Analytics

Infrastructure software vendor TIBCO Software Inc., has announced the latest version of its data discovery and analytics platform, Spotfire 5.0. Featuring a redesigned in-memory engine, users across the enterprise will be able to visualize and interact with enormous amounts of data. Spotfire 5.0 is integrated with data warehouses such as Teradata, Oracle, and Microsoft, and accesses Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes.

The theme of TIBCO Spotfire 5.0 is  to “bring the power of discovery to big data,” Lou Jordano, director of product marketing, TIBCO Spotfire, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Spotfire 5.0 provides the power to discover insights with its high-speed visual analytics of massive data sets in-memory. “In the process of rebuilding the in-memory engine, we made improvements in memory consumption, compression, and improved the responsiveness of the system,” Jordano explains. Spotfire 5.0 also enables customers to directly access data stored in relational databases and cubes, providing more-informed decision-making and greater agility. “We’re now able to connect directly to a database and analyze and visualize the data residing in the database without bringing the whole set across the network,” says Jordano.

New to Spotfire 5.0 is self-service predictive analytics to speed decision-making. “This is a framework for the business analyst who doesn’t necessarily have a background in programming or formal training in statistics, but is inclined to use statistical models in an application,” Jordan notes. TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) is “a new runtime engine that’s compatible with R, the open-source programming statistical language,” he adds.

TIBCO enables the power to scale with Spotfire 5.0 with the integration of TIBCO SilverFabric which provides intelligent load balancing and an elastic Web Player Server architecture, which provides new levels of self-service and improves organizational efficiency. “Enterprises with a globally distributed user population can have true elasticity for their architecture,” says Jordano, as interactive dashboards on the Spotfire Web Player can scale up or down in response to large groups of simultaneous business users while preventing over-provisioning.

TIBCO Spotfire 5.0 is expected to be available in late November, 2012. Visit to learn more