Tableau Introduces Five Key New Capabilities with 9.0 Release

Tableau Software has announced the general availability of Tableau 9.0, a major release of its visual analytics software. New capabilities in the release help people to achieve more with data, answering questions at interactive speed, according to the vendor.

"From the beginning, Tableau has been designed to help people stay engaged in their analytics flow, with a drag and drop interface and features designed for ad hoc analysis," said Chris Stolte, chief development officer and co-founder of Tableau Software. "Tableau 9.0 furthers the notion of 'flow' with improvements that keep people engaged with their analysis rather than having to focus on writing new calculations or cleaning up the data."

Among the key new Tableau 9.0 features are:

  1. Auto Data Prep to make cleaning up messy data easier. The Tableau Data Interpreter will automatically clean up spreadsheets. Together with the Automatic Data Modeling that was released in 8.2, the new features help people decrease data prep time so they can concentrate instead on analysis.
  2. Analytics in the Flow to help stay focused on answering questions without interrupting flow. People can type calculations right into the canvas and see the data update instantly. A new Analytics Pane makes it easy to drag reference lines, totals, trends, forecasts and other analytical objects right into the analysis, and new Level-of-Detail Expressions make new questions answerable by anyone.
  3. Faster, More Responsive Maps thatallow for geographic search and the ability to “lasso” irregular shapes.
  4. New Tableau Server and Tableau Online, redesigned from the ground up to deliver a faster, more scalable platform. In addition to speed improvements for users, administrators can benefit from improved administrative views delivering richer insights on Tableau Server.
  5. Faster Performance of Tableau 9.0 workbooks via technologies including parallel queries, Query Fusion, vectorization, and smarter query caches.

Tableau is embarking on a 9.0 road show to showcase new features and provide hands-on interaction with the product. The road show starts April 7 in Sao Paulo and ends in Raleigh, NC, on May 7. Upcoming road show stops can be found at

More information is avaialbe about Tableau 9.0 at