Tableau Brings Tableau Online to Amazon Web Services

Tableau Software has announced that Tableau Online, its fastest growing product with over 5,000 customer accounts, is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

The fully managed SaaS cloud analytics platform allows organizations to connect, blend and analyze live or extracted data from on-premises and cloud databases such as Amazon Redshift and Teradata, applications such as Salesforce and Google Analytics, and data in spreadsheets stored in computers or online.

“Since Amazon Redshift launched in early 2013, Tableau has had hundreds of customers doing incredible things with Tableau and Redshift. We’ve also made it virtually seamless to deploy Tableau Server in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and continued building optimized connectors with the AWS data sources most important to our customers such as Amazon Aurora and Amazon EMR,” said Andrew Beers, chief development officer at Tableau, noting that the addition of AWS as an option for Tableau Online customers was a natural evolution.

According to Tableau, Amazon Redshift has become the fastest growing and most popular data source used with Tableau Online, growing by almost 100% each year since Tableau Online first launched in July 2013.

Tableau is offering a free trial of Tableau Online at To run Tableau Online on AWS, simply select “North America – North Virginia, USA” under “Pick Your Site Location.”

To learn more about Tableau Online on AWS, go to